Just as a cook makes a gourmet meal from scratch, a writer weaves magic with words. These words can also be customized to entice, repel, attract, and even leave a ring in your ears. This ring is what we are looking for to entice someone to your event.

You need enticement in your description to sell more tickets for your event. And, this enticement can be achieved by making sure that the words in your event description are words that draw, pull, create a feeling of belonging, words that are as informal and attractive as they are informative. In other words, you need to make magic words.

Compelling description

Clearly indicate the topic, time, place and who should attend. The description should include specific benefits for each type of attendee. Make it brief and scan-able. Use third-party endorsements when possible, such as a quote from a previous event.

Curation of content 

Curation of relevant content leading up to or during an event and what an event attendee can take away from the event – videos, photos, t-shirts or just about anything. All this adds to the buzz leading to the event, tap new audiences for attendees and keep the event property at top of minds to departing attendees. Here the content is about capturing great memories!

Cut to the Chase

Immediately state what the event offers in a concise compelling and attractive language. A significant mistake that event organizers make is waiting too long into the description to identify exactly what the event is and what it offers. Give your readers the good stuff right away before they lose interest.


Clarity is one of the essential parts of communicating event information to the public. If possible, try and address all of the questions that come to anyone’s mind – the “Ws” meaning these questions:

  • Who is putting on the event?
  • Who is it for?
  • What exactly is being offered or displayed?
  • Where exactly is it taking place?
  • When will the event occur?
  • And, why is it important?

Humans are visual beings

Add some visuals to your description. Take this opportunity to grasp the attention of potential attendees by choosing clear, bright, well-selected images that represent your event. You could upload your event poster, photos of past events, food, décor, or sponsor logos. If your event is showcasing guest speakers, you can add headshots with bios to add extra interest. You can create a slideshow with multiple images – so do not hold back! Eye-catching pictures have the power to capture the viewer’s interest and entice them to read on. An event ticket that is laden with pics, pulling phrases and attractive logos is a win-win any way you see it.

Human Element

While you are designing your description of all these event details, make certain you sound like an individual your guest can connect to. The tone, content, and style of your description can either convey a lack of enthusiasm or an engaging human element. Avoid over-explanation and uninteresting, repetitive sentence structures; instead, address the reader directly, adding questions and even jokes for personality. If you can make a sincere connection with your attendees through the screen or the online invite, you will be more likely to hold their interest.

Flowing words

It is necessary to ensure that your description flows smoothly for your readers, as mistakes in your language mechanics can be sidetracking and will, unfortunately, make your event appear less professional. Reading your event description out loud can help you catch subtle errors and drafting will detect problems which you can correct before posting online. Having someone else look at the event page for you before posting can also be very helpful. While you may be itching to post your event quickly once you’ve finished writing, it’s worth the few extra minutes to catch errors that could destructively affect readability for your attendees.


Taking the time to produce a carefully laid out, personable and streamlined description of your event will boost your readers’ experiences and entice them to attend  – magic words. Writing a captivating event page is a valuable way for coordinators to boost ticket sales, so use these tips to develop an event page style that works for you and your guests!

The great social marketplace

If you have a free marketplace to sell your wares and you do not use it then whose fault is that? The marketplace is available at the tips of your fingers; all you have to do is put your product or brand up on all or some of the social network sites. And, the most important thing here is to put an attractive and pulling tag or post that will draw attention as much as possible – that is weave magic words. Once the post is noticed and clicked you will offer incentives for the sharing of the post or a percentage discount if you follow the link. It is a marketplace and it is for free, tap it with a few catching words. Read this article Social Media to Market an Event and Event Ideas as a Guide to Fundraising as well as Event marketing – a success in our blog EVENTS

To sum up

  • Make your words short and snappy.
  • Put the juiciest bits upfront in the summary
  • Give us information, not opinion or pomposity
  • Keep it short but nice
  • Make sure your web address is there
  • Read it to yourself aloud and let a member of your family read it and tell you his opinion.

Let a writer write the content of the description for you, it is his job to play with words and give you what you need precisely and that is magic words.

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